Activate Your Inner Power of Immunity

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Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai at the University of California at Berkeley, CA., U.S.A., Oct. 13, 1989 (originally in English) Videotape No. 101

As we all know, most sickness comes from eating meat because of the antibiotics fed to animals, because of the anxiety that produces toxins in an animal's meat. Because we eat all these antibiotics, our body loses its self-resistance to disease. Our body normally can fight disease, but because we're fed so much antibiotic-filled meat, our body becomes weakened, and the resistance system goes out of order. Therefore, any kind of disease affects us and ends our lives. It's a pity.

Now, most people think that if we pray to Jesus or Buddha, that's enough. But I think we should add to it meditation and a virtuous, wholesome way of life. Then we speed up our wisdom and liberation. For example, if we practice together in our method, which we call the Quan Yin Method, just listen to the instructions of God within, see the wisdom of God with a Heavenly eye and keep a vegetarian diet and a virtuous way of life then we fear no sickness. Many of our initiates overcome sicknesses overnight. I mean dangerous ones normally needing operations or resulting in death. Some people just come back from the death bed, out of the power of their virtuous life and the power of the Godhead that protects them. If we open this power within through a correct technique, then that power which we call the Buddha Nature or Buddha within us or God within us will protect us twenty-four hours a day, and will protect us even after we leave this body.