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Indonesia, in the midst of a general election, was under martial law during Master Ching Hai's world tour stop. Public lectures and use of microphones were prohibited. With a selfless and fearless spirit for the Truth, fellow initiates built a bridge between Master and those having affinity with Her.

Recalling the happy meeting, brother Chiu Ming Fen said: "Although the audience knew that Master would not be permitted to give a speech, they remained in the hall, awaiting Her arrival, upon which Master was surrounded by people wanting to be blessed. We, the guards, were moved by the people's thirst for Truth and liberation, which remains fresh in our memories even today."

In the old days, Bodhidharma was invited to give a discourse. He spoke not a word yet people were enlightened all the same. This also was true for Master in Indonesia. She used the teachings in silence and blessed more than 4,000 seekers present with Her loving eyes. This was an example of a genuine wordless transmission of Truth.