They Feel Love and Pain just Like Us

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By brother-initiate David M., Ohio, USA (Originally in English)

One morning on the way to work, I noticed a couple of mallard ducks walking around together, enjoying the sunshine, eating, and looking for a place to nest and lay eggs. This continued for a few days and I started getting concerned when I would see them crossing the busy roadway a few times together.

A few days later, as I was driving home, I saw them snuggled together on the side of the road, still on the pavement and away from the grassy area nearby. I assumed that one of them might have been injured and that’s why they were there.

So I stopped my car to see if they were okay - there is a wildlife rescue place near me where they nurture animals back to health and re-release them into the wild. But to my horror, I found the “wife” had been hit by a car and was dead. It was so sad, as the “husband” lay there right beside her in mourning.

I prayed to Master to help him find peace and move on, as he was still on the side of the road mourning her and could just as easily be hit by another car and killed too.

This continued for three days; he stayed beside his loved one’s body. It brought tears to my eyes, as I could almost feel his pain. Each morning on the way to work, each evening on the way home from work, he was silently there in the same place. Every passing day I hurt more and more for him, and prayed to Master more fervently to help him safely move on.

On the fourth day, when I drove to work, I was relieved to see he had finally gone (Thank You Master). I even stopped just to make sure he wasn’t hit and laying further back, but he was actually gone and on his way.

I really wished more people in the world could see how these birds and animals love and hurt just like us, and then maybe more people would convert to a vegetarian diet out of compassion.