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Master Makes Offerings To Buddha

Narrated By Initiate Brother Chang-Jeh Lee , Taipei, Formosa /
Recorded By Supreme Master Ching Hai News Reporter Chio-Ling Hsiao,

Once after finishing a lecture in Thailand, Master gracefully walked out and immediately got into the car and left. A short distance later, Master saw a rickshaw parked alongside the road. It was about ten o'clock at night already, but the driver was still waiting for customers. Even though the lecture was over, Master's photograph still hung on the back of the rickshaw, helping to spread the teachings.

When Master saw that, She immediately got out of the car. She took out all of the presents from the trunk and personally gave the gifts and some Thai money to the rickshaw driver with utmost sincerity. Master closed Her palms and bowed to the driver over and over again with the degree of sincerity equivalent to making offerings to a Buddha. As I, the guard, watched from the side, tears rolled down my cheeks with emotion. Master's humility made a permanent impression in my heart.

At that time, I told myself I must remember to be humble in my daily dealings with people. Giving gifts to others should also be like making sincere offerings. I deeply thank Master for sowing a seed of humility in my heart.