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Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Hsihu, Formosa, August 11, 1991
(originally in Chinese) Videotape No. 187b

When we suddenly encounter a catastrophe or karmic hindrance, we're shocked and can't think straight. So sometimes you may hear monastic disciples say that I always ask them to do things suddenly. Being sudden is also good; karmic hindrances also come very suddenly, don't they? Thus we ought to train ourselves to respond quickly at all times so that we can protect ourselves and get used to that vibrational energy. Then, when we later become an enlightened Master, we'll be able to ascend to Heaven or descend to hell in no time at all. If, at such times, you still ponder whether it's the right time to go to hell or Heaven, it'll never work.

The faster we are, the easier it'll be for us to be omnipresent later. We won't have to come and go; it will seem as if we had never come or gone because we're so extremely fast that we transcend the worldly concepts of time and space. We simply connect different areas of space together, transforming them into the same point. It's like an ant trying to crawl from one end of a piece of paper to the other; if we fold the paper, the ant can cross over in one leap. That's the logic in transforming space; though there's a different way to do it.

There are secret tips to learning martial arts or any other thing; not only diligence is required. Under the same theory, the enlightened Saints have their own ways of doing things. They act extremely quickly without moving at all. That's why they're venerated as being "omnipresent," that is, motionless. They're motionless, but they can accomplish anything and go anywhere. They're present in every place without having to go there. Only this is true magical power; only this is the true supreme level in spiritual practice. It requires no effort! So sometimes you say that Master's transformation body has been here and there, doing this and that, or saving you in this or that place, but actually I never went anywhere or took any action. Also, I never performed any mudras (ritual hand gestures). You can see that I haven't moved at all! Have you, monastic practitioners by my side, ever seen me recite any incantations or perform any mudras? Never! Most probably at such times I'm sleeping, playing a musical instrument, playing chess, reciting poems, singing songs, planting grass or correcting someone. I could be doing anything. It requires no effort.

Take the example of a tai chi expert, a brother initiate. He doesn't have to lift his finger, yet anyone who touches him falls down. This is only when people touch him; he doesn't touch them! Anyone who touches him accidentally falls down by himself. Some people have practiced martial arts to such a superior level that they don't have to move their hands. They're different than those who use a lot of force, kick fiercely and look rather brutal. When such people encounter someone more powerful, they're brought down. For martial arts experts who use very little force, an opponent cannot bring them down. This is the theory of "softness subduing sheer strength." In the universe, softness always subdues sheer strength. Anything that has lesser strength but is more intangible, more formless and more pliable is more powerful.

You see, air is vital to us, and dripping water can penetrate rocks. The longer the water drips, the deeper it penetrates. "Chi" - the vital life force - can sustain the body and even the whole universe. This invisible vital force - the vibration of Sound meditation - is even more inconceivable. Nothing is better because It's the Mother of the universe and gives birth to all forms of creation. When we get hold of It, we'll have all the secrets of the universe in our hands. Getting hold of the mother means getting hold of the children, and we'll know where the whole family is. This is simple logic. It's just like in the ancient battles, if the general was killed, the whole army would become like a headless snake, fall into complete disarray and be easily defeated.

Similarly, all the scriptures that we study mention the vibration of the universe, the Sound, that is, the Tao, the original power. Getting hold of It means getting hold of everything. If we get hold of other things, for example, magical powers or intelligence, we've grabbed only one small part, one corner, but not the head. For humans or other creatures, once their head is caught, they're doomed. Isn't that right? That's why we say that the Quan Yin Method is the best, the most original, the fastest and the highest. There's nothing better. This is really true. No matter how much you research, this will be the ultimate conclusion. I'm very happy to have found this Method and that you too have gotten hold of It. We're indeed very fortunate!