Infinite Light Shines on the City Referred to as

Infinite Light Shines on the City Referred to as "The Mother"

Cape Town, South Africa, November 27, 1999

Days before Master's public lecture in Cape Town, posters were placed all around the downtown area, and Master's love embraced this beautiful city. The thousands of people from different cultural and religious backgrounds that came for the lecture enjoyed the added delight of viewing a beautiful array of Master's artistic designs in the lobby. Many people expressed amazement at Master's diverse creative talents. Immediately after entering the hall, a great number signed up for the free News Magazines and some even directly asked for the initiation registration desk. One could clearly perceive their longing hearts and pure spirits.

When Master arrived at the hall, an African child rushed to give Her a welcoming kiss. When Master spontaneously opened Her arms and hugged him very lovingly, his face radiated with love and wonderment. Clad in a long, bright orange dress with contrasting green embroidery reminiscent of a lovely princess, Master regally entered the hall. Someone from a local Tibetan Buddhist center presented Her with a white "hada," a piece of cloth symbolizing a "white cloud", which is the warmest form of Tibetan welcome, while others in the audience presented flowers of greeting.

Master began Her talk by saying, "We have prepared everything for this lifetime, such as saving money in the bank for emergencies, retirement, funerals, etc., but not all of us have prepared for the final departure. People feel scared at that time because they have not prepared for it. For those who do not want to come back after this existence, there is a way we can train our minds because we are the essence of God and we have God within us. We are separated from God because of our own thinking. To remember this again, we must train ourselves to know for sure that we are God. Therefore, we need some practice, not only to remember our power, but also to enjoy life while living and to enhance our lives and other people's lives. We must do deep meditation in the correct way, then at the time of departure, if we hope to go to Heaven, we will go there. We can escape hell if we are prepared. We must remember that we are the sons and daughters of God. To prepare for a high reward, we have to learn to create our own Heaven. This is not easy because of our habits, but habits can be changed over time."

Concerning God's capacity to forgive, Master said, "There is never any revenge from God. There can be only infinitely more of the kind of forgiveness that one receives from God than the kind of forgiveness that parents give to their children. God can always repair any mistakes we have made in our lives."

Next, Master discussed negative thinking and its effects: "If we keep thinking negatively without a positive connection with God's power through meditation, we will go to unpleasant places, and that is what we call "hell". Most of the time, we are not strong enough, so we stay in this negative place. Sometimes, it is not just created by one person's own fear and consequences, but there are also collections of such effects from groups that push us into illusory planets and suffering. Yet, it should not be like that." She added that the only thought we should remember is "God is merciful".

Master then invited everyone to become his or her own masters: "One should learn the art of mastering one's own destiny and creating one's own future. We should not let other people's karma drive us like slaves. We should act like a God and think like a God."

At the end of Her talk, Master revealed that one's soul could receive enlightenment during the lecture. She asked how many in the audience already had seen heavenly lights, and many (non-initiates) people raised their hands. While answering questions, Master remarked, "If physical life were everything, then you would think that God is careless. Yet, in a spiritual way, everything is all right and perfect. We are responsible for all the disasters that come to us. Even cutting down trees can affect the weather and our harvests. Testing bombs here and there creates so many unspeakable disasters." Master also explained that there is only one religion, so people of different understanding of beliefs never really need to fight with each other.

After the lecture, many people were initiated into the Quan Yin Method or learned the Convenient Method. Master also taught the remaining audience members a short meditation in order to have a "taste of God." One sincere mother closed her eyes and meditated while holding her baby quietly in her arms. Two women who had already been pursuing spiritual practice told our fellow initiates that they felt very good in Master Ching Hai's presence and praised Her as, "the feminine principle of God."