Master's Triumphant Return to the Holy Land

Master's Triumphant Return to the Holy Land

TEL AVIV - ISRAEL November 21, 1999

On November 21, 1999, the city of Tel Aviv was bathed in a light far greater than that of the Mediterranean sun to which it is accustomed: the incomparable light of a living Master. Thousands of spiritual seekers converged on the Tel Aviv Cinema, a grand old movie theater located near the city center, to hear the good news about their true Self. Even this cavernous hall could not seat all the people yearning to hear Master's message about their true Homeland.

Many Israelis arrived early at the Cinema and spent their extra time selecting the best seats in the house, visiting our publication tables, or touring the Celestial Clothing and Jewelry exhibitions in the theater lobby.

A young man that had been sitting patiently waiting for the lecture to begin told working team members that he felt a very good vibration from our Master. He also said he believed that Master was the great Moses who had returned to Israel in the form of a woman! We were pleasantly surprised to hear this from an Israeli who had yet to meet Master or hear Her lecture. He also expressed admiration for the working teams, saying that he was amazed at the devotion, faith, and diligence with which they worked. Later, during Her lecture, Master commended the working team members, who believe it is an honor to serve and share their love with the local people instead of regarding it as just a job. At the end of the initiation, we again met this young man and shook his hand to congratulate him on his entry into the wonderful Quan Yin family!

The lecture hall, filled with people standing to get a glimpse of Master, rocked with applause when She arrived. People on both sides of the walkway leading to the stage tried to touch, shake hands with, or hug Her as She made Her way to the front.

The stage was decorated with a large menorah (a candleholder normally used in Jewish temples) and an abundance of flowers and fruit. The audience members radiated much love toward Master, frequently shouting, "We love You!" Master spoke like a child that had been joyously reunited with long absent friends - so open, so vulnerable, so loving, so excited, and so happy! In describing Her visit to the holy city of Jerusalem, She said She felt very comfortable, as if She had lived there before.

The most memorable part of Master's speech was when She explained that God had told Her to go to Israel to share the love She had, and to receive the love of the Israeli people in return, so that the love in Her and in them could connect and make everyone whole, make all brothers and sisters one with God. These words were so beautiful, so true, and were without a doubt spoken by God.

Master especially thanked the Israeli Ambassador to Switzerland and his wife, whom She had met at a jewelry exhibition in Switzerland and who had subsequently invited Her to Israel. Master pointed out that their "behind-the-scenes" arrangements had enabled the lecture to run smoothly.

Master said that God had appeared to Moses, Mohammed, Buddha, Jesus, and to Her, and that She wanted to share with the Israelis a safe method for meeting and reconnecting directly with God. Master emphasized that She had not come to be their teacher, but only to point the way back Home. She stated that God is their true Teacher. Hes teaches and answers their prayers from within, and the reason they love Her so much is that they love the God residing in and using Her "little" physical frame. The one Who calls Hirmself "Supreme Master Ching Hai" has to use this mortal human frame to regulate the almighty power so Hes can speak and be in touch with them. Otherwise, if God appeared to them by Hirmself, they could not withstand the power of a thousand suns.

When questioned about the light that radiates from enlightened beings, Master responded that this was nothing out of the ordinary. She asked who had seen light radiating from Her, and many Israelis in the audience raised their hands. In addition, many people said that their physical pains or illnesses had been cured during Master's lecture!

Following the lecture, there were many questions. One person asked why God had been so unkind to the Jews during World War II when the Nazis had killed millions of their people. Master answered that if they could see the so-called "victims" now, they would find that they are happily enjoying themselves in Heaven. None of them regrets having been born into those physical forms, now that they are liberated and have been rewarded by the Father by living in paradise. The real victims are those who inflicted pain on others because they are now having to reap the retribution for their actions by being forced to live miserably with their guilty consciences. Master told the audience that this had occurred without God punishing anyone, and encouraged us to love others and avoid hurting anyone. She pointed out that this love is returned to us many times over, which is why many past Masters have taught us to "love our enemies."

Master explained that the devil actually is a very loving and compassionate angel, who wears the mask of the negative force in order to make us strong and determined on our spiritual path. She pointed out that the devil is there to test us and exists for us to say "no" to him. The audience applauded Master's explanation. Other questions were related to meditation, love, sex, suffering, the pressures of life, vegetarianism, emotions such as anger and hatred, etc.

After the question and answer period, Master gave a "gift" to all who stayed in the hall by teaching them the Convenient Method without requiring them to register. She meditated with everyone for five to ten minutes and then walked to many places in the theater to greet the lovely and attentive audience members, telling them to meditate only ten to 15 minutes a day since they were not yet vegetarians.

With flowing white robes and hair cascading onto Her shoulders, Master did indeed seem to be "Jesus" coming home to Israel after 2000 years of waiting and longing. Many of "Hiers" children were "born again" as true Christians on that beautiful, starry night in Tel Aviv!

Master's Triumphant Return to the Holy Land