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In speaking of God or the Supreme Spirit, Master instructs us to use original non-sexist terms to avoid the argument about whether God is a She or a He.
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News No. 153
Published: September 20, 2004
Founded: April 1, 1990
Published By: The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association 
Publisher: Hsieh Hsin-Lin

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Master's Words

Always be True to Yourself

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, July 19, 1996, Cambodia (Originally in English) Videotape #556

I have to tell you: True love begins with yourself. That's the only truth I can tell you. And don't say you always have to try to please other people. If you please others with an ulcer in your stomach, is that good? Or if you swallow the anger within you, is that good? You're the Buddha as well! Why do you have to pay such a price when it's not necessary? If it's truly, truly necessary and the other person will die without your doing it, then perhaps you can consider whether he's more important than you are. But you don't need to be running around, taking care of people's karma! You have enough of your own.

So, whether it's a marriage, an arrangement, a relationship or a business, make sure you get the best out of it. That's really the way to serve humankind. Because if you aren't happy in your marriage and you always let your partner get the better of you, one day you'll break down or explode, and you'll end up in divorce anyway. Even at that time, it's too late, but better late than never. If it really becomes too unbearable and un-reconcilable, just go. Take care of yourself first. Then you can think about whether you should continue or you should start a new life.

Anything is changeable; anything can possibly be rearranged. That's how we learn. If you make a mistake, it's all right; admit it and change it. Don't continue with that mistake and sacrifice for this and that and the other. For example, suppose your marriage isn't happy and your partner always takes advantage of you, and yet you're the only one who's always feeling bitter and abused or beaten up - if you continue like that, what for? Maybe you think you might get a worse partner later, but you never know. You can try it, and if it's worse, you can say, "Oh, it's worse." And then you'll know.

In any situation, you must try to take care of yourself so that you get the best. But without taking advantage of other people or trying to walk over people's dead bodies in order to arrive at your desired destination. It's just that you have to be true to yourself in any circumstances. And the other people must also be true to themselves. If they're not, if they try to pretend or if they act hypocritically, that's their problem. At least you'll know where you stand: "This person can't mix with me so I'd better find another arrangement or wait until he or she changes or becomes true to himself. Then we might talk again."

It's the same with a partner, a business or anything. You always have to be true to yourself because we're practicing the Truth. If you aren't true to yourself right now, then when will you be? Will you be true to yourself when you go to Heaven? There, we don't need to do anything anymore. We're finished with our job then, and there's nothing else to do. So, whatever you want to do, just do it if you have the correct intention. You just have to be true to yourself and your feelings.


Panorama of Events

Report from Sri Lanka

Honoring Master's Peace-Inspiring Visit by Sharing Her Boundless Love

by Lawrence Fernando, Colombo

[Colombo] To commemorate the fourth anniversary of our beloved Master's 2000 visit to beautiful Sri Lanka, known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, Colombo Center initiates recently conducted a series of spiritual activities.

During Supreme Master Ching Hai's stay on the island, a war was raging in its northern section that had adversely affected the country for twenty years, and there was no sign of peace in sight. Throughout the conflict, relentless bombing killed many people, even shortly before Master's arrival.

Miraculously, however, with Master's coming the fighting began to diminish and soon, after a round of peace talks, all hostilities ceased. Thus the Sri Lankan brothers and sisters are ever so grateful to Master for the wonderful gift of peace that She bestowed on their country.

In celebration of this historic event, the initiates and their guests gathered at the Colombo Center, and in keeping with Sri Lankan tradition, lit an oil lamp to start the festivities. This was followed by an entertainment program and the serving of traditional sweets such as milk rice and oil-cakes. In addition, the participants were treated to a pleasing exhibition of Master's publications and artistic creations.

Then on the following Sunday, a group of fellow practitioners presented cakes, biscuits soft drinks and clothing in Master's name to the residents of a local orphanage run by Buddhist monks. The children who received the gifts were most appreciative, and the initiates look forward to future opportunities to help the less fortunate and meet with Master to again bask in Her infinite love.


Report from Nepal

Celebrating the Guru Purnima Festival by Honoring Guru Ching Hai

by Ajay Shrestha, Kathmandu

[Kathmandu] For thousands of years, on the day of the full moon in July, Hindus have celebrated the Guru Purnima Festival to give homage and love to their Masters. The Sanskrit root Gu means "darkness" or "ignorance" and Ru denotes the remover of that darkness; so one who removes the darkness of our ignorance is a Guru. And Purnima means "full moon night."

In keeping with this tradition, on July 3, 2004 local fellow practitioners celebrated the Festival at the Kathmandu Center in honor of our dearest Guru Ching Hai. During the event, all the disciples felt immense gratitude to Master for Her love, kindness and blessings, which have completely changed their lives, and they wish Her health and happiness now and forever.


Report from Hong Kong

A Fine Spiritual Ambience Permeates a Golden Book Fair

by the Hong Kong News Group

[Hong Kong] From July 21-26, local fellow initiates introduced the Quan Yin Method to the public at the 2004 Chinese Book Fair, the largest event of its kind in Asia, creating a new wave of spirituality in the increasingly open-minded Hong Kong society.

The Fair was organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. According to the spokesperson for the event, which attracted more than 500,000 visitors, spiritual books ranked third among the major publication categories on display, showing that books on spiritual practice and religion have a significant audience in Hong Kong. Even more encouraging was the fact that this year, visitors to the Supreme Master Ching Hai publications booth more readily accepted the idea of meditation and the concept that spiritual practice is a vital part of life, and were thus eager to discuss Master's teachings with the initiates.

Master's books and DVDs were on display at the booth and Her lecture videos were shown continuously while the initiates distributed bookmarks and sample booklets, interacted with visitors and explained the Quan Yin Method. To present Master's divine countenance to more people, the Hong Kong Center made a special request for assistance from the Singapore Center in the printing of huge posters of Master, brief introductions to the Method and details about Master's publications, all of which attracted many visitors.

A large number of guests had aleady heard of Master and stopped by to request sample booklets. Overall, Master's teachings and the Quan Yin Method invoked a great response from people who were vegetarian and interested in spiritual practice. For example, after reading the sample booklet, one visitor came back the following day to acquire The Key of Immediate Enlightenment books, and expressed a strong desire to learn the Convenient Method.

As soon as she saw the sample book another visitor from Thailand began to cry, closed her palms and asked before Master's photograph, "Master, how are You?" She had missed Master's 2000 lecture in Thailand and had since been searching for Her and had become a vegetarian. She was emotionally overwhelmed to have come into contact with Master in a foreign country.

Also, a young man stood around the booth for a long time, carefully reading the wide range of publications on display and finding himself awed by Master's wisdom, talents and immense power. As a spiritual seeker who had been exploring various religions, he engaged in an insightful dialog on spiritual issues with the initiates, concluding, "An enlightened Master contacts people from within, transcending the physical body." And since he was planning to visit Formosa soon, he jotted down the address of the Hsihu Center.

Several Christians discussed the following questions with the initiates: "What is the purpose of life?" and "Why should we become a saint?" At the end of the conversation, the visitors humbly said they would try to acquire more information about the Method on the Internet. In addition, several little girls who visited the booth lovingly offered to help distribute bookmarks, and thoroughly enjoyed themselves in the process.

Through events such as the 2004 Chinese Book Fair, Hong Kong practitioners can clearly feel that since the arrival of the Golden Era the spiritual ambience in their area has been elevated to a more harmonious level transcending religious boundaries!


Report from Formosa

A Leisurely and Rejuvenating Summer Camp

by the Taoyuan News Group

[Taoyuan] To escape Formosa's sweltering summer heat, fellow practitioners from the Taoyuan, Hsinchu and Yilan Centers gathered with their families for a unique two-day summer camp in the scenic mountain township of Fuxing in Taoyuan County.

The camp's main activities included exciting contests and a starlit evening party featuring a performance program, a treasure hunt and breathtaking water games. The contests, given positive titles reflecting the Golden Age and the fact that winning lies in a cooperative spirit, revealed that all parts of creation are one in the new era.

On the last afternoon of the camp, fellow practitioners young and old worked together with their families to clean up the environment. Many initiates who participated in the performances and on work teams observed, "Preparing for and performing at this camp did not make us as nervous as had our work at previous camps, and things were less tedious. Good results were achieved in a natural way." Thus the brothers and sisters expressed their surprise and delight at the camp's positive outcome through Master's blessing.


Report from Thailand

Welcoming Truth-Aspirants from Around the World

by the Bangkok News Group

[Bangkok] On July 11, 2004, Thai initiates once again had the opportunity to introduce the public to Supreme Master Ching Hai's teachings through a video seminar at Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University, located in a Bangkok suburb.

On the day of the event, the attendees, included monks and nuns from Myanmar, Cambodia, Formosa and other countries, who were delegates to the XV International AIDS Conference held adjacent to the video lecture venue from July 11-16.

The delegates were keenly interested in learning about Master and Her message for humanity, especially a Formosan monk who eagerly waited to attend the seminar, and requested numerous sample booklets. Also, many of the other attendees expressed enthusiasm upon viewing Master's video and asked insightful questions about the Quan Yin Method and Master's life. A large percentage stayed to learn the Convenient Method and some even registered for initiation.

After meditation, one new Convenient Method practitioner tearfully expressed delight at the inner vision she had experienced, and yearned to learn more about Master's teachings from Her tapes and books.

Thank You, Master, for providing the Thai brothers and sisters with this wonderful opportunity to grow spiritually by sharing the Truth.


Report from Korea

A Spiritual Island Shines Even More Brightly

by the Busan News Group

[Young Do] Young Do is an island connected to the city of Busan by two great bridges, and is home to a highly spiritual population. Fellow initiates living on the island were greatly inspired by the success of the 2003 series of country-wide video seminars, on which they worked along with other Korean initiates. Thus, they wished to offer a similar seminar and a free vegetarian buffet for the people of Young Do.

Through their own enthusiasm and the countless blessings of our beloved Master, everything was arranged quickly and the preparations flowed smoothly. For example, when one work team member first contacted the Young Do Public Office Center, she had difficulty gaining permission to hold the event. However, through God's blessings, in a week's time a new public manager was appointed who understood the initiates' noble intentions and saw the benefit of the seminar to society; thus he offered his assistance in making the seminar a success.

After all the preparations were completed, on July 11, 2004, more than two hundred sincere visitors attended the video seminar and vegetarian buffet, learning with great interest about the Quan Yin Method of meditation and the benefits of a vegetarian diet. Many of the guests also learned the Convenient Method and several applied for full initiation. The glow on the participants' faces reflected the love and joy that was present at this very special event.

The fellow practitioners of Young Do deeply appreciate Master's love and blessings in granting them the opportunity to spread Her message at the July seminar, and sincerely look forward to a similar event to be held in August in nearby Ulsan.


Report from California, USA

Connecting Body, Mind and Spirit by Spreading Master's Wisdom

by Lynn Yamat, San Francisco

[San Francisco] Local initiates recently participated in The 2004 San Francisco New Living Expo, a three-day event, during which other vendors, exhibitors and volunteers thoroughly enjoyed the sumptuous vegetarian dishes prepared by brothers and sisters from The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association Vegetarian House in San Jose. And many remembered their wonderful experiences while eating these dishes at the restaurant.

Although the initiates' display was located far from most other booths, many visitors enthusiastically requested food samples and placed orders. Also, the presence of a large array of other ethnic and vegetarian food booths did not affect the popularity of the celestial dishes the brothers and sisters served.

On the first day of the Expo, the Vegetarian House's staff members were visited by a woman claiming she had felt their "Chi" from afar and was drawn to the Association's booth as if in a joyful trance. Then she suddenly saw a large picture of Master that hung nearby and realized where the great vibration was coming from. The woman continued to exclaim about the positive energy emanating from the area, which left her in a state of awe and speechlessness. She then returned repeatedly, bringing others to feel the ambience of our beloved Master and the friendliness of the Quan Yin family. Other similar examples of peoples' affinities with Master continued to thrill the initiates throughout the Expo.

On the second and third days of the event the growth in attendance at the Quan Yin booth was phenomenal, as more and more visitors stopped to watch Master's video lectures and pick up sample booklets and News magazines. Many who gathered in front of the TV monitor showing the videos stood mesmerized and glued to the screen for hours! Several people commented on Master's beauty and grace and the fact that they loved Her. A number also said that they would visit the Vegetarian House in San Jose even if it was far from their homes.

The initiates who took part in The 2004 San Francisco New Living Expo thank Master for giving them such a pleasurable opportunity to share Her love and blessings with the other saints of the world, and look forward eagerly to next year's event.


The Quan Yin Family Spreads Master's Teachings at an Athletic Tournament

by the San Francisco-San Jose News Group

[San Francisco] On July 18, 2004, fellow practitioners from the San Francisco and San Jose Centers participated in the 20th Annual Taiwanese and Chinese-American Athletic Tournament at De Anza College in Northern California.

The event began with a parade of representatives from approximately fifty local religious groups, schools, charities and business organizations. When the parade commenced, the initiates proceeded in high spirits with a giant banner displaying our Association's name. As the brothers and sisters marched, the MC introduced The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association as a spiritual group that actively participates in worldwide charitable work, and explained that its members meditate for at least two and a half hours a day.

Besides marching in the parade, the initiates were able to set up a booth next to the College's athletic field to help introduce Master's teachings by making Her literature available to the public. The venue was blessed with Master's loving vibration through the video-lectures shown by the initiates and the large pictures of Master on display. A colorful photo album featuring dishes from San Jose's International Vegetarian House, along with the restaurant's menus, were also exhibited at the booth. Some non-vegetarian visitors took the menus to present to their vegetarian friends. In addition, a gentleman who followed another master came to the booth to ask spiritual questions and exchange ideas with the initiates.

The practitioners also offered visitors specially prepared egg-less fortune cookies containing Master's aphorisms. Fortune cookies are very popular at Chinese restaurants in the US, but instead of reading the customary curious fortunes for the day, the guests were comforted in spirit through the wisdom and blessing generated by Master's words.

By the end of the day, the San Jose and San Francisco initiates realized that taking part in the 20th Annual Taiwanese and Chinese-American Athletic Tournament had given them yet another chance to enthusiastically spread the good news about the Truth and to serve the public in the noblest way! In the future, the brothers and sisters hope to continue providing sincere Truth-seekers with the opportunity to know a living Master through such events.


Report from Ontario, Canada

Sharing the Heavenly Father's Love with Our Fellow Beings

by Dewi Prajna, Toronto

[Toronto] On Father's Day, June 20, 2004, initiates from the Toronto Center held a public seminar at North York Central Library, and during the gathering witnessed many longing souls eager to return Home.

For example, one gentleman who had owned a copy of The Key of Immediate Enlightenment: Questions and Answers for over a decade and learned of the event through a Quan Yin website, flew all the way from Vancouver on the west coast of Canada to attend. And although most of the audience members already practiced other forms of meditation, they sincerely asked to learn the Convenient Method. In addition, even before the seminar began, one woman asked a sister about the requirements for initiation into the Quan Yin Method.

A week after the seminar, many of the new CM practitioners attended Convenient Method group meditation at the Toronto Center, and one sister revealed that she meditates thirty minutes daily, and finds that reading Master's teachings beforehand greatly aids her concentration. She was also very happy to learn that she could borrow Master's video lecture tapes and books from the Center.

Participating in the North York Central Library seminar was truly a blessing for Toronto initiates. When asked, to sum up her feelings about the event, one sister said, "I felt as though I was being helped instead of like I was helping others." Similar to this sister, the other initiates cherished this opportunity to share God's precious love and teachings with their fellow beings, and hope to continue doing so during this special time when our beloved Master is on earth.


Report from the U.K.

We are Co-Workers in the Golden Age of Enlightenment

by the London News Group

[London] From May 26 to 31, 2004, London initiates set up a booth and met guests at the Mind, Body and Spirit Festival to spread Supreme Master Ching Hai's teachings to local residents. Due to their excitement, the work team got very little sleep while taking part in the event, but nonetheless felt charged with great energy while talking to visitors interested in the Supreme Master's message of enlightenment. Also, Master's blessings gave the brothers and sisters an ambience of peace and calm so that they were able to smoothly answer questions and attend to details.

During the Festival, many guests showed a sincere interest in Master and Her teachings. One visitor even said, "I came to your booth because I could see very good energy around it." He then looked inquisitively at the initiates wondering how they could have such positive power.

At the end of the Festival, while the brothers and sisters were packing up to leave, one visitor arrived who had searched among several hundred booths before finding the Quan Yin display. She was so happy that she could not bear to go home and kept smiling and saying "It's so nice." Finally, she reluctantly said goodbye.

A week after the Festival, the practitioners held a video seminar at the Red Lion Square, in Holborn, Central London. A number of people turned up after having received flyers at the Mind, Body, Spirit Festival and elsewhere.

After videos introducing Master and presenting one of Her lectures, a brother provided further information on the Quan Yin Method. Then a number of visitors shared their interesting experiences with spiritual practice, and a handful stayed to learn the Convenient Method. It was satisfying for the initiates to know that the new CM practitioners were truly interested in learning meditation and willing to change their diets and habits at a moment's notice.

The Quan Yin initiates of London were most pleased at the golden opportunity to be co-workers with our Most High during the Mind, Body and Spirit Festival, and feel that Master's blessings continue to unfold as they become better citizens of the Golden Age.


Report from Togo

A Most Successful and Uplifting Seminar

by Etse Sika, Lome

[Lome] On July 24, 2004, enthusiastic local initiates conducted a seminar on Master's teachings at the Labor Union of Lome, located near the The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association's Information Center.

To notify the public about the event, the initiates distributed over three thousand flyers, and had information broadcast on two local radio stations and a TV channel. Also, a day before the seminar, the initiates conducted an in-depth discussion on a radio show that included audio recordings from Master's 1993 world lecture tour.

The initiates decorated the seminar venue beautifully with Master's pictures as Her Buddha's Chanting tape played in the background. Then, to open the seminar a sister-initiate gave a brief overview of Master's teachings and her talk was followed by a presentation of the DVD The Invisible Passageway, which introduced Master and showed highlights of Her 1999 lecture tour in South Africa.

During the seminar's question-and-answer period, the audience members applauded excitedly and concentrated intently on the discussion of Supreme Master Ching Hai's teachings and the benefits of following a vegetarian diet. The eager guests' many questions were answered carefully, however in response to their thirst for more spiritual knowledge, a subsequent discussion session was held at local TV station RTDS, which broadcasts a program of Master's teachings every Saturday evening.

Besides the capacity audience of three hundred guests, an additional two hundred spiritual seekers came to the seminar and stayed till the very end, basking in Master's love and blessings.

The new and wonderful experience of participating in a video seminar on our beloved Master's teachings taught the fellow practitioners of Togo and their guests that all sincere Truth seekers can enjoy and benefit tremendously from Her grace!


Events Date Book

To keep pace with the planet's ongoing spiritual elevation, the local centers of The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association are holding more and more video seminars and other Truth-sharing events worldwide.

You are welcome to join in these activities with your friends and relatives. For the latest schedule of our Truth-sharing activities, please visit the following URLs:




Selected Questions and Answers

Helping to Elevate the Planet is Helping Master

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Videoconference with initiates from the Singapore Center, August 11, 2002 (Originally in English) Videotape # 745

Q: Dear Master, since my initiation more than two years ago, I've noticed that both my parents' health has been progressing well, for which I'm very grateful to You. I know You've been quietly blessing both of them. Also You've been helping me all this time so for once please let me know how I can be of help to You.

M: Thank you for your concern. Meditation is all you need to do. And you can help your brothers and sisters if they need it, or spread the news wherever you can, just to help elevate the atmosphere of our planet so that we'll have more peace, more happiness, more prosperity and more progress in all respects, so that our lives and the lives of others and our children will be more and more comfortable every day, and we grow nearer and nearer to God every day. That's how you can help. And I thank you in advance, and thank all of you who help in this way as well.


Lead a Life of Fulfilling Worldly Duties While Practicing Spirituality

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Videoconference with initiates at the European Retreat in Hungary, August 17, 2002 (Originally in English) Videotape # 746

Q: Dear Master, why are creative people such as artists and writers often mentally or emotionally disturbed? Is it because most of them are trying to create something without doing spiritual practice, meaning without having God's blessing and love? Or is this just a part of their karma?

M: Not all of them are disturbed. Disturbed people are disturbed anyway, be they artists or not. The reason you notice that artists are disturbed is because artistic people are more famous and are more in the public's gaze. If a normal person is disturbed somewhere, like if your neighbor is disturbed, you probably don't notice because you don't even know they're there. It's not that they're artists and so are more disturbed. It's not like that. That's one thing.

Another thing is probably that artistic people are more "in the clouds." They live in their own worlds, are more into creative things, and are much more oblivious to mundane problems and practical ways of living. So when they have to deal with these things, they kind of get confused. The pressure is too much for them. The pressure is too much for many of us, but because we work in the world every day, we're more used to or more immune to it.

But artists or creative people are more in their own world, more into the beautiful things they create. Or they try to create beautiful things, and they're just more into the beauty and the music and so on. And when they have to crash into the harsh reality of mundane living - like making money, paying the rent and paying the bills - they become almost alarmed and probably don't know very well how to deal with it. So it seems as if they're out of the ordinary. But if it were us, we'd be the same way.

It's just that the reality and the dream are much different sometimes, and some people can't balance the practical, mundane life of dealing with money and bills with the beauty of their inner creativity. So there's a little balancing that they need to learn, and some people don't know how - not just artists - anyone. Some people are more emotional and others are less emotional. Some people are more on the inside of dreaming; others are more practical and down to earth. And if we don't balance these two, we'll be in trouble, any of us.

That's why it's better for you to meditate and go into the inner world of beauty, but continue with your worldly obligations. In that way, you're more balanced. Even all the resident practitioners in the Centers, I make them work, too.

There's a time to meditate, to go into God's kingdom, and there's a time to bring that blessing out and to operate in the world. Otherwise you lose touch with the physical world, and whenever you have to go back to get in touch with it again, you become confused, and that's how people think you're disturbed.


All Things Come through Patient, Relaxed Meditation

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Videoconference with initiates from the Toronto Center, Ontario, Canada, August 4, 2002 (Originally in English) Videotape # 746

Q: Dear Master, I have difficulty concentrating when I meditate. To help my meditation, I play Your chanting tape, read Your books and even put some of Your pictures around me. But I still struggle. Please tell me how to improve my meditation.

M: We improve with practice. Most babies are born helpless, and you're new. Don't be in such a hurry and give yourself such pressure because if you don't relax it's more difficult to concentrate. So it's better to just let it be. Just sit there, relax and recite the Holy Names whenever you can remember. And concentrate on the wisdom center. Then things will come by themselves. The Light doesn't always come to the new practitioner or even to the old practitioner because we don't always have the quality of physical soundness in order to concentrate. It happens to everyone so don't worry.

Just continue, go to group meditation, relax and do what you can in meditation at home. Just do what you can; that's it; no anxiety, no expectations, no pressuring yourself because it comes in time. God is all relaxation, all love and all naturalness. If we're too busy thinking of many other things, our mind can't rest. And that's the reason we have to practice every day to achieve the perfect state of tranquility or samadhi. If we could do it overnight, we would just get initiated and there'd be no need to do anything else. I love you and wish you all success very soon.



Being Detached is Showing True Love for the Departed

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Videoconference with initiates from the Toronto Center, Ontario, Canada, August 4, 2002 (Originally in English) Videotape # 746

Q: I want to know whether You're still looking after my baby. I just lost her.

M: It's OK; she's not lost. I told you, they go to a better place than the one we're in. Don't worry.

Q: Are You still looking after her?

M: Yes, sure. She's gone, but to a better, better, place. Be happy.

Q: I just wanted to make sure.

M: Whoever goes away from this world, you should celebrate for. Of course, as mother, sister, brother or father, we have human emotions, and we want to have that person near us physically. But we forget that we're not physical. OK, I understand; I sympathize with you, but please, be happy for the soul.

Besides, you should know the karma. Some people have karmic connections with us for one second. Some people have them for only two minutes, some people for one month, some people for two weeks and some people for a year, two years, ten years or fifty years. So the time has come, his karma is finished with us, his affinity with us is dissolved, and he's gone. No one belongs to us.

No one is really our son or our daughter. No one is. They're all the children of God. They come to us for some special reason. Some come and go quickly to remind us that the world is ephemeral and to "Go ahead, practice quickly." And some come to take some of our possessions and so on because we owe them something. They want to come and clear up their debt with us so that we'll be free to go afterwards. Some come to give us prosperity, luck or happiness because they owed us from last time, when they didn't do it well. And after they've done their job, they go back to where they should go.

I hope you feel happy and consoled now. You'll feel very light if you let it go. If you really understand that, and you let the soul go, you'll feel much happier, you'll just feel joy. That's the joy of detachment and true love because when you love someone, you want them to be in a happier place than where we are, and in a much better situation than what we can have right here. That's true, unconditional love.


Just be Natural and Enjoy Your Meditation

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Videoconference with initiates from the Toronto Center, Ontario, Canada, August 4, 2002 (Originally in English) Videotape # 746

Q: Dear Master, how can I maintain the feeling of being one with all beings all the time?

M: That's rather difficult, but not impossible. With practice and with time, things will come naturally, and we don't even have to feel that all the time. Because we still have to take care of all the mundane matters in this world. So just be natural; be yourself. Enjoy your meditation on the side, and just do your job in the world.


Transcend the Duality of Positive and Negative

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Videoconference with initiates from the Singapore Center, August 11, 2002 (Originally in English) Videotape # 745

Q: Many times we experience so-called good and bad in our reality. Is this actually an illusion, and relative to a certain level of awareness? If so, is it true that so-called good and evil do not actually exist? Do we create them? And if we do, how do we go beyond them?

M: Yes, don't create anymore, and try to look on the world as transient, as a movie, as a videotape. Also, try to concentrate on the Holy Names and on your wisdom eye whenever you can, and remember the teachings of all the Masters instead of looking at the bad or the good of the world.

It's difficult, but with practice you can do it. It's just a habit, and every habit needs a few weeks to change. So if you try to do that for a duration of three weeks you'll be able to break the habit of always noticing the negative or the positive, the duality of human existence. It still exists, but it doesn't matter. Next time try to ignore the good or the bad. That will already be very good. Do it whenever you can, it's not like you can do it a hundred percent of the time.

Enlightenment and Logic Can Co-Exist

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Videoconference with initiates from the Singapore Center, August 11, 2002 (Originally in English) Videotape # 745

Q: Our mental training is basically rational but achieving enlightenment isn't necessarily a rational process. So to maintain a high level of enlightenment, do we somehow have to suppress the logical aspect of our thinking?

M: No, it depends on whether your logical thinking is really logical, and your rational thinking is really rational. Sometimes it's not. Sometimes, if a whole group of people agrees on one thing, it doesn't mean that it's really necessarily logical or rational. So enlightened people see rational things as truly rational. It's not that you have to suppress your logical or rational thinking. It's just that you re-think more rationally, more logically, and are truly logical, truly rational.


Between Master and Disciples

Blessed Suffering

by Hermit Kid (Originally in Chinese)

Shortly after Christmas 2002, I was involved in a traffic accident while traveling in Africa. According to my medical report, I was unconscious for seven hours afterwards, and when I regained consciousness, my body ached all over and I could hardly breathe. Being a physician, I realized that I might have suffered a collapsed lung with internal bleeding, a condition normally requiring urgent chest tube insertion. However, long hours passed before any medical personnel came to see me. Finally, a man came and inserted a chest tube, but it was poorly placed so my right lung remained like a flat balloon, and I was still panting like a dog. Also, due to the strong impact I had suffered in the accident, my right shoulder blade was deformed, nine of my ribs were fractured, my right calf bone was broken and I could not move my right arm.

Four days later, a Chinese medical team happened to visit the hospital where I was staying, and an anesthetist in the group was shocked at my condition and worried that my right lung would permanently lose its function if it was not re-inflated at once. So with the limited equipment available, he inflated my right lung with great effort.

Afterwards, while lying on my hospital bed with my whole body aching, I silently told Master, "You're the Almighty. If I recover, it will be Your miracle. If not, that also will be Your will. I know the doctors can't do anything more." Then, incredibly, within two months my right arm began to regain its function so that I could brush my teeth with effort, and finally I was able to raise it completely. And because proper healing requires energy and determination, to further improve the condition of my lung, I have recently taken up jogging.

During my injury and rehabilitation, Master has sent me many gifts. For example, She first caused me to become unconscious so I would not feel the pain of the impact during my car accident. Also, She has made me realize that in death itself there is no suffering. We suffer only if we remain attached to the physical body. In addition, Master has sent medical personnel to assist me at various stages in my recovery process. But surely, the greatest gift of all has been the faith and courage She has given me to face my difficult situation.

Regarding my ordeal, a fellow practitioner asked me repeatedly why it had happened, being more curious about the subject than I was. Later he got his answer during meditation: "The soul wants to record these kinds of experiences."

Everything in our lives has a purpose, and even events that appear to be unfortunate bear the good will of the Almighty. My car accident caused me to observe life from more of a spiritual angle than a physical one. My physical body was injured; but I have been spiritually elevated!


Stories of Life in the Early Years - The True Essence of Reciting the Buddhas' Names

by sister-initiate Ruan Li-yu, Taipei, Formosa (Originally in Chinese)

This story goes back to the early years of Master's mission when She was living in Sindian, Formosa. Once, a sister-initiate's father was struggling on his death bed in the intensive care unit of a local hospital. His eyes remained wide open as if he were in great terror, and his doctors were unable to close them. Besides, the old man's facial muscles were contorted in pain, and he repeatedly raised and lowered one of his hands. Anguished by this sight, the sister-initiate beseeched him, "Oh, Dad, please don't do that!" But he continued, and then, unable to bear seeing her beloved father in such pain and torment, the sister went to Sindian to beg Master to save him. Touched by her filial piety, Master taught her one of the Buddhas' names and told her to teach it to her father.

At that time, the old man was unable to speak so the sister-initiate whispered the name into his ear and said, "Father, if you're reciting this name, please squeeze my hand once." Her father indicated that he was repeating the name, and then suddenly a miracle occurred. His contorted face became normal, round and bright, giving the appearance that he had suddenly gained several kilos of weight. He then ceased raising and lowering his hand, closed his eyes and passed away peacefully. Upon witnessing this incredible sight, the sister cried with great emotion and later went with her mother to Sindian to thank Master.

After hearing the initiate's description of her father's painful appearance before death, Master said, "At the time, he was being attacked by ghosts." But the sister was highly skeptical and said, "My father was a law-abiding, decent and honest civil servant. How could such a thing happen to him?" I was present at the meeting, and hearing her words retorted, "Did he eat meat?" On hearing this, the sister became embarrassed and was rendered speechless. Our compassionate Master immediately eased the tension in the air by telling me, "Enough! She's already in great sorrow. You shouldn't make her feel worse."

Recently I was watching Master's lecture DVD Master's Transformation Body, in which a fellow initiate asks Her, "I used to practice a method involving chanting the names of the Buddhas. May I make use of my own time, apart from the two and a half hours of Quan Yin meditation, to continue reciting the Buddhas' names?" I felt exasperated at the lack of awareness reflected in this question so I decided to relate the personal experience above to let other fellow initiates better understand the true essence and effects of reciting the Buddhas' names.


Sweet Rain of Love

by sister-initiate Trimila, Kathmandu, Nepal (Originally in English)

Oh, My beloved Guru!

Sweet rain of love You pour upon me;

Touching my heart, touching my soul,

It flows lovingly.

Satisfying all my thirst,

Both worldly and Heavenly,

Shaking with Love inside me,

Touching my heart, touching my soul,

It flows lovingly.

Cleansing all my sins of life after life,

Healing all my wounds of life after life,

Giving me inner calm and peace,

Touching my heart, touching my soul,

It flows lovingly.

Reminding me of my real Home,

Precious hierarchy and The Celestial Throne,

Giving me a Heavenly thrill inside,

Touching my heart, touching my soul,

It flows lovingly.

Teaching me all life's lessons;

Love for each other and compassion,

Making me alert inside,

Touching my heart, touching my soul,

It flows lovingly.


Ocean of Love

As You cast Your loving glance upon me,

Everlasting joy emerges within.

How can the physical mind describe it?

Worldly language can't say much of it.

As Your holy nectar falls upon me,

Inspiration emerges within.

As I begin to see the world differently,

I come to know that all things are going perfectly.

As I bathe in the Ocean of Love,

My thirst for the worldly and Heavenly all quenched,

I feel myself like a newborn babe,

Enjoying the bosom of Mother.


Master Tells Jokes

The Same Action Yields the Same Result

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Cambodia, May 13, 1996 (Originally in English) Videotape 547

A couple of hunters chartered a small plane to fly them to a forest, and made an appointment with the pilot to come back and fetch them in about two weeks. At the end of the two weeks, they had shot a lot of animals that they wanted to load onto the plane. But the pilot said, "This plane won't be able to take more than one wild buffalo. You'll have to leave the others behind." Then the hunters protested, saying, "But last year, another pilot with the same airplane let us take two buffalos and some other animals in the plane as well."

So the new pilot thought about it. He was a little bit skeptical, but finally he said, "OK, since you did it last year, I guess this year we can do it again." Then he loaded the two buffalos and a few other animals in, and the plane took off. Five minutes later, it crashed in a neighboring area.

The three men climbed out and looked around, and one hunter said to the other, "Where do you think we are now?" The second one surveyed the area and said, "I think we're about one mile to the left of the place we crashed last year."

Master's Comments

They did the same thing and got the same result. So don't ever try that! Don't try to do the same thing, thinking that the result will be different because you're in a different year. The same action yields the same result. There's no problem understanding that. What's happened before will happen again.

The problem isn't that the Master won't tolerate you or won't let you do what you want; it's that the results will be the same. The same is true for the Five Precepts, vegetarianism or meditation. You can do what you want with your life: You can eat what you prefer, and you can meditate or not meditate. But the result will be exactly what we would expect: What comes back is the same as what we put in. There's no escape from that.


A Miser's Prayer

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Cambodia, May 13, 1996 (originally in English) Videotape 547

There was once a very poor person who was also very stingy. But his manner of praying to God must be one of the most famous, even more so than the Bible's "Give us this day our daily bread." (Matthew 6:11)

So the old miser was heard saying his prayers like this: "Oh, my God, my Lord! My Almighty! If the Almighty - may Your holy name be blessed forever - if You gave me a hundred thousand dollars, I would immediately give ten thousand to the poor. I promise I would! You know that, don't You? And if the Almighty - may Hes be blessed - does not trust me about my promise, then please deduct the ten thousand in advance and only give me ninety thousand."

Please visit the following websites to enjoy the original video versions of these jokes, and you may share the joy of Master's humor with those around you:

http://www.godsdirectcontact.org.tw/eng/news/153/jk1.htm  (Formosa)

http://www.godsdirectcontact.net/eng/news/153/jk1.htm  (USA)


Insights on Nature

Feng Shui: An Ancient Chinese Science

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Los Angles, CA., USA, July 5, 1997 (Originally in English) Videotape # 587

What you have to do is just keep the place tidy. Tidy up everything. Move all the trailers to the other side, to a lower place. Just move them there. Do you know why? Because our meditation hall is lower than all this garbage, and it makes you feel pressure. Just today I told someone that if you move all this away, you'll have more luck. Because then you'll feel more like, "Ah! It's spacious." And when you go out, you won't feel like there's pressure; this isn't good Feng Shui because if you put the garbage on top of your roof, it blocks all the views and makes you feel narrow, or as though you're being pressed between two blocks and that's not necessary. But when you walk out of the meditation hall and the first thing you see is a toilet above your head, you just don't feel good about it.

If you have this psychological feeling, you don't feel good; you feel heavy, and then you attract heavy kinds of atmospheres that come to you and become bad luck. If you feel good, if you feel happy and relaxed, you'll attract that; like attracts like. You'll attract or create that kind of lively atmosphere and luck, or a feeling of being very happy. Then you'll attract more happiness, more light, more liveliness, a more bright-hearted feeling; and then luck will come. That's what we call "good luck." So good luck or bad luck we make ourselves.

There's nothing superstitious about saying that when you move those things, you'll have more good luck. It's the same principle as in your house with Feng Shui. This isn't superstition: Feng Shui is something like an old science. For example, if you built a house, especially in the old times, it was even more important then. In the old times, sometimes you could build a house on top of an undercurrent of water and you wouldn't even know it. Then, after a while, the outside of your house would collapse, and that would be no good.

So some people would have to go and measure with whatever they possibly could, to see if there was something dangerous under the ground. Sometimes underneath there could be an iron mine or something like that, which would affect your magnetic field. For example, if some magnetic iron was underneath and if you first slept on the left side then five minutes later, you'd become just like a needle attracted by magnetic iron and sleep on the other side. (Laughter) Then later on, you'd sleep like this (Master assumes an upside-down position), and that's not good Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is a science; it's not superstition, if you know about it. It's not like saying that if you put the house that way, God will protect you, but if you put the house this way, God won't protect you. God isn't that way or this way; God is everywhere. For example, if the door of your house faces south, this is good. Everyone knows that. Why is it good? Because the south represents more light so most people, when they sleep, if they face the south, it's good for their health. That's one example of Feng Shui. It probably just coincides with the movements of the universe. When they move together in harmony, it brings more health, and when you're healthier, you're happier. When you're happier, you attract more luck.

So in the old times, people emphasized Feng Shui more because they didn't have equipment to solidify their basements or other things that we have in modern times. They had no equipment so they had to rely on people who either had their third eye or psychic power open and could see water underneath, or who had some kind of psychic ability within them where they could sense that something under a house wouldn't be good for the owner if it was built on top without a protective layer before the basement. So they just did something. This was nothing like voodoo; there was no need for that. Sometimes they did something just to neutralize a force of nature, and then they blessed the house.

It's OK; if you believe in that, it's good for you. But you'd better find a good Feng Shui master! Otherwise, I could also become one and just say, "Hula, hula, hoop," "Holy Names," or "Meditate." (Laughter) If the north wind, which is cold and bad, always blows this way, and you face your house this way, then of course you're bound to catch a bad cold a lot of the time. Whenever you open your door, or the wind comes through the door crack, it sometimes gives you a piercing, pulling kind of headache. If you face that way to sleep or face that way to drink tea all the time, and then if you close the door, you'll feel a piercing draft, like a sharp wind, coming to you. And if you open the door, the bad wind will come in and bring with it all kinds of disasters. It's bad for you, bad for your health, and that's bad Feng Shui.

"Feng" means wind and "Shui" means water. In the old times, wind and water were very important to people. Before we had tap water or anything like that, if you had a house, you'd have to have water nearby. So you'd have to ask a person who knew Feng Shui. He could sense where the water was because he had a crude instrument. Or, his psychic ability would say, "OK, here you can build the house this way, and then dig a well that way and you'll have water." And so you'd face the house that way because the "Feng" that would come this way wouldn't be good for you and so on.

So Feng Shui is like that. It's just the positioning of a house in accord with the harmony of nature. This became Feng Shui. Similarly, it's bad Feng Shui that you've practiced all these years. I suppose that among all of you here there are a lot of voodoo masters, and you know Feng Shui. Many of the Chinese here studied the I Ching and so on for years before I was even born. And you study Feng Shui and all the wigwag kinds of signs, but you still don't do anything about it. Even though I haven't studied any Feng Shui, I know this is no good. You just don't feel good, that's all; a good feeling isn't there. Don't you feel a little pressure when you come in and go out with that crack over there? No, you don't. You always close your eyes and meditate, and leave everything else to Master.

That's why I have to do it all the time. I have to clean the kitchen for you and get mad, and now I have to clear these things off. You should plant some crawling kind of plant, maybe beans or something that you can harvest. And also cover the fence or cut the fence into levels, or change it into a kind of see-through fence. If you don't want people to see, that's fine also, but paint it green or something that goes together, not a different or very contrasting color that's disturbing to the eyes. We're not talking about artistic taste. Whatever is disturbing to your harmonious sense of beauty isn't good Feng Shui.

Master Says

Recognize the Wonderful Nature of Animals

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Florida, U.S.A., June 6, 2001 (Originally in English) Videotape # 714

Dogs say hi to everyone; it's so beautiful. They know what you need and are very therapeutic because they know who needs love. For example, there are programs in hospitals and homes for the elderly and for sick children where they bring dogs in to just love the people. Whoever the dog puts its paws on or licks feels much better afterwards, because they feel loved. Animals love unconditionally! Even though they might never see you again, they'll give you everything, the whole thing. A dog licks whomever he loves.

Dogs and cats especially know exactly what's going on. So they come and touch the people who need it. The dogs who visit homes and hospitals are already trained, so they're not too unruly. They just come to visit the old people or the children or the terminally ill and make the people feel great. The patients love it so much that they keep asking for more. Because dogs have this gift: They can communicate love without having to say or do anything. We can keep saying "I love you" the whole day long and still no one believes us. Maybe it's because we don't mean what we say!

Most people can't know the inside of a dog because dogs don't talk. We can't even understand each other as humans so it's very difficult for a human to understand the inside of a dog. That's why, after a while a person might say, "This dog is no good," and throw the dog out. The animal shelters are full of dogs ready to die. If people don't adopt them, after only one day to a week, they can be killed.

People don't take time; they just want to kill things. They don't understand that it's a living being, and after a while, the dog messes up. If you don't train them well, they misbehave. Then the person gets fed up because the dog might chew the furniture and other things. Most people don't even know that dogs need toys. They also need company and time to play with their owners, and not just eat food and guard the house. Even guard dogs need affection just like anyone else.

Especially if you take in a lone dog or a cat, they in turn take you as a partner or family member. Sometimes they even fall in love with you or at least become very, very attached to you. So if you're the one who's the partner and you don't care for his or her emotional needs, of course he'll become destructive or depressed and grow to be very undisciplined. And then we blame the dog for being bad.

How can a dog be good if it's tied at the neck all day long sitting in the sun, unable to go anywhere or do anything? The dog doesn't have company and doesn't have love, only food. Even we humans don't live just for food. Also, we know of many things we can do; we can do anything we want. We have a lot of choices to help diffuse our depression or loneliness, and even then we complain that we're lonely, isolated and so on.

We have so many choices. We can pursue as many activities as we want, but dogs can't! If you tie a dog to a tree, what's he going to do? Or, what if you cage him all day long until you come home at night or just lock him up inside the house eighteen hours a day? Then you come home, give him a little food, pat him on the head and say, "Good boy" and then "Good night!" So, a lot of people just take dogs or cats in, thinking they're like toys. They call them pets or toys, but they're not. They're wonderful beings. They have so many gifts that we don't have. People don't realize that, and they treat animals really badly.

In the Bible, God said, "I will make the animal as your helper," meaning our friend. That's why we should never eat them or mistreat them because God's intention in creating animals was to help us. They help in different ways, similar to a shepherd. But you have to train them in their profession. Even with a shepherd, you have to train him in how to herd your sheep.

Most people train dogs for hunting, killing and so on, which is no good. If people leave their dogs outside and don't really take care of them, they can become flea or tick infested and they suffer a lot. But since they can't talk and can't take care of themselves, they rely only on their owners. And they're so loyal and faithful that they won't go anywhere, even to seek help. So if we're the solely responsible person and we neglect him or her, it's very cruel. It's not human.

If you don't want them, you'd better not have them, and if you have them you'd better treat them nicely. It's a lot of work, but the reward is that they love you eternally. They'd lay down their lives for you if it came to that.

When I read stories about animals, I can't help but love them. Apart from having love for all beings, these kinds of stories touch your heart and make you love them more. So the people who neglect animals or who don't know how to treat them properly are just ignorant. They don't know about dogs, about the inside nature of these wonderful beings. They think they're just animals. Maybe because they're smaller than we are, we look down on them. But that's not right.


Pearls of Wisdom

Honoring All Life Maintains Nature's Balance

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Florida, U.S.A., June 6, 2001 (Originally in English) Videotape # 714

Animals are our brothers and sisters, and it's very important that we know how to live with them harmoniously and respectfully because they're there for a reason. You can see that certain birds and animals carry out special jobs in the world. Some, like vultures, even clean up garbage. Of course, they make a mess of it, too! But their job has something to do with the whole environment, the balance of our planetary ecosystem. They help balance nature to keep the atmosphere good and clean.

Everything has something to do. For example, trees are here to give oxygen to the planet. Without trees, we'd die. Really, we would. We'd die without trees because we'd have no more oxygen, and there would be less water because there'd be no trees to attract the water and retain the moisture when it's there. So all things on this planet, including us, are inter-related and are helping each other to make our life here comfortable and livable.

If we don't know that, then we're killing ourselves. Every time we kill a tree or kill an animal, we're killing a little part of ourselves. If we have to cut trees, we should replant more. For example, plant three more. But even that takes time; the tree has to grow up. So, if you intend to cut trees, you should plant others beforehand. Because it takes a long time for a tree to be able to produce good air and absorb the bad air for us. Bigger, older trees have a greater ability to do this than younger trees, even though they may appear to be the same size. Just like when we're older, we have more abilities and more knowledge about things, including spiritual wisdom. Our growth is similar.


The Sentient World of Animals

Little Santo: My Loyal Friend and Mentor

by brother-initiate Richard Stewart, Los Angeles, CA, USA (Originally in English)

“To know me is to love me.”            ~The Chihuahuas’ motto, if they could speak

In the summer of 2003, inspired by Supreme Master Ching Hai’s lecture Dogs Are Wonderful Beings (Videotape #714), I acquired a lively gold-colored Chihuahua puppy, whom I named “Santo” (Spanish for ‘Saint’) because of his sweet, loving temperament. I had always been fascinated by the perky disposition, independence and keen intelligence that Chihuahuas displayed in TV shows, commercials and movies. As one Chihuahua fancier describes the breed, “With its big eyes, big ears, and bigger-than-life attitude, this pint-sized pet is master of his universe and fears nothing.” These qualities sound much like what we strive for as spiritual practitioners, and are what have long endeared me to the little dogs from Mexico. But Master’s words piqued my interest in the breed even more.

In Her lecture, She describes the amazing devotion and courage of a little Chihuahua who sacrificed his own life to save his masters’: “Do you know how big a Chihuahua is? As big as a rat, but they’re fiercely loyal and protective. One Chihuahua got an award for heroism because he died for his owners. A burglar came in to steal money from his owners and he barked so loud and jumped at him and attacked him so much that the burglar cut his throat and he died. But because he barked so loud and attacked the burglar, his owners awakened and escaped death and robbery. The dog died for them — a small dog like that — fiercely loyal and protective.”

These traits of intense devotion and protectiveness undoubtedly stem from the Chihuahuas’ long, unique history and genetic heritage; for as Master says often-repeated behaviors and qualities such as loyalty and courage are encoded in the cells of living creatures and handed down from one generation to the next. In the Chihuahua’s case, this genetic background may be traced to Mexico’s three major Native American cultures, the Maya (circa 2,000 BC-900 AD), the Toltec (circa 700-1200 AD) and the Aztec (circa 1200-1500 AD), all of which had a close association with a small, gold or sandy-colored dog, the Techichi, ancestor of the modern-day Chihuahua.*

In the legends of these peoples, after death the Techichi was said to lead his master through the fearful regions of the underworld and also to assume his sins, thus appeasing the gods so that the owner could reach a favorable place in Heaven. When one experiences the utter love and devotion of a Chihuahua, it is easy to understand how the early Mexicans could have believed that the dogs’ forebears, the loyal little Techichis, would faithfully await their most beloved humans’ arrival in the afterlife, take on their karmas and then lead them to Heaven.

Another surprising fact about the Techichis is that they were largely vegetarian, enjoying diets rich in corn and other vegetables. Perhaps this is why little Santo and his Chihuahua friends Mickey and Teeny love to graze on the grass and weeds in my backyard every day — genetic memories of their Techichi forebears!

Lessons in Unconditional Love and Devotion

In my case, little Santo also shows all the love and loyalty of his Techichi ancestors, being always willing to give me adoring licks when I wake up, return home from work, or at any other time. Since the day I brought him home, he has followed me around the house and yard, and whenever a stranger approaches he barks fiercely to “protect” me, assuming the tough stance of a big boxer or German shepherd, heedless of his diminutive size.

Moreover, little Santo is always kind and considerate with his Chihuahua friends Mickey and Teeny, who live next door. When he and Teeny, a petite “teacup” Chihuahua, play together, he seems to be aware of her fragile body and adjusts his play accordingly, being careful not to hurt her with his playful biting and jumping. He even shows love for my landlady’s baby chickens by licking their faces (although, being a normal dog, he does like to chase the adult chickens around the yard for fun). Santo further shows his love and detachment by willingly sharing whatever he has with his canine friends, never complaining when they help themselves to his food, water and toys.

Such expressions of affection, care and utter devotion from a small gold dog, my friend and teacher little Santo, give me daily lessons in how to be a better human being and disciple of Supreme Master Ching Hai. For as Master says, dogs are wonderful beings, and their amazing capacity for unconditional love and self-sacrifice can inform and uplift us all: “They are very, very loyal, very protective, at the cost of their own life, even a Chihuahua. A Chihuahua is not like a guard dog. He’s a pet dog. They call them ‘pocket dogs’ because you can put them in your pocket and go anywhere. And they love to be around you twenty-four hours a day, and they’re very affectionate. But when it comes to your life, they sacrifice theirs. These kinds of things are very touching to me. That’s why I cannot help but love animals. Apart from love for all sentient beings, these kinds of stories touch your heart and make you love them more.”

* For further information on Chihuahua history and characteristics, please visit these websites:




A Miracle Dog and Caring Teenager Teach Detachment and Love for All Beings

by the Los Angeles News Group (Originally in English)

Two recent news stories about animal euthanasia provide humanity with valuable lessons in love, compassion and detachment as we enter the Golden Age. The first involves a “miracle dog” that defied death in a gas chamber, and the second a young girl who asked her powerful father to change his stance on terminating the lives of stray and abandoned animals.

The Dog Who Refused to Die

On August 7, 2003, after being thrown into a gas chamber to be euthanized along with other unwanted or unclaimed dogs at a city animal shelter in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, it seemed that a year-old Basenji mix had run out of luck — and time. But this pup had other ideas. When the chamber’s door swung open after his gassing, the dog, dubbed “Quentin” by shelter workers, stood very much alive, his tail and tongue wagging!

Shelter supervisor Rosemary Ficken was amazed. In all her years as an animal control officer, she had never seen such a miraculous case of survival, and did not have the heart to slam the door shut again. This thirty-pound animal, she believed, had beaten the odds and should live on. So Ms. Ficken told Randy Grim, head of the charitable shelter Stray Rescue of St. Louis, ‘Please, take him. I don’t have the heart to put him back in there and re-gas him.” Stray Rescue then took the dog in and contacted local media. Soon TV stations around the U. S. were playing Quentin’s story and offers of adoption came pouring into the shelter.

After his ordeal, Quentin was a bit malnourished but in very good condition. “To me, it’s a miracle or divine intervention,” Mr. Grim said. “I can’t help but think he’s here to serve a higher purpose. This case blew me away. This is amazing.”

The “higher purpose” Quentin’s survival may serve is to show humankind that it often acts rashly and thoughtlessly when dealing with its animal friends, and that the divine spirit within all living creatures is ultimately stronger than any human-engineered efforts to stifle it. Also, after reading this story, many people will undoubtedly come to rethink their views on killing stray and unclaimed animals, and show more compassion for their fellow beings in the animal kingdom, who have the same sensibilities and feelings that we do.

In addition, Quentin’s remarkable display of resilience offers profound lessons in detachment and living in the moment. For, despite the concerted attempt to end his life, this innocent, helpless creature managed to survive and remain happy, loving and forgiving, suggesting that we should look to our animal brothers and sisters as examples when facing life’s challenges and pain. As Supreme Master Ching Hai says, “We should be more like the animals. They’re always in the present.”

A Teenager Helps Save Countless Animals’ Lives

Another fascinating story involving animal rescue comes from California, USA, where, due in part to his teenage daughter’s timely intervention, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger recently changed his position on early termination of shelter animals.

In June 2004, California’s stray animals seemed to be falling victim to state budget cuts as Governor Schwarzenegger’s administration was advocating a change in state law to allow animal shelters to kill strays sooner. Under the plan, dogs and cats in shelter custody could be put to death after being held for just 72 hours — not six days as specified under existing state law. Moreover, birds, potbellied pigs, snakes and other household pets could be killed immediately upon arrival at shelters.

When shocked animal-rights activists learned of the plan, they mobilized quickly and dogs began showing up at the Capitol Building in Sacramento. The canines, happily oblivious to the political drama surrounding them, sat obediently in a row near the Capitol steps at the request of their concerned owners. Meanwhile, members of the California Potbellied Pig Association and other animal advocates contacted officials. Then the state’s most powerful man paused, changed course and restored a measure of compassion to California’s animal-control laws.

At a hastily called news conference on June 25, Schwarzenegger told reporters, “I realized last night that there was a mistake I made. I wanted to tell you that I have reinstated the six-day waiting period for lost animals. Everything will stay exactly the same.” And apparently, animal-rights groups had not been his only critics. The Governor said that his teenage daughter had complained, too. By day’s end, Schwarzenegger, whose family owns at least one dog, took a break from budget talks to say the whole thing had been the result of an oversight. The plan to shorten shelter animals’ lives was mistakenly added to his January budget, which was put together quickly after he was elected. Asked what caused his change of heart — public pressure, memories of the pet pigs he owned as a child in Austria — he replied with the simplest of answers: “My daughter called me.”

Like the case of Quentin the miracle dog, this incident shows that humanity needs to show more compassion and concern for its animal brothers and sisters, especially now as we enter the Golden Age. And it is often through the intercession of the world’s most innocent and unassuming residents — animals, children and young adults – that we can learn the most precious lessons in this area of virtue.

For further details, please visit the following URLs:

http://www.strayrescue.org/quentin.html  (Quentin the ‘miracle dog’)

http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A6668-2004Jun25.html  (Governor Schwarzenegger’s change of heart)


Media Reports

Australian Kangaroo Wins Award for Saving Her Master's Life

(Originally in English)

[Canberra, Australia] On September 22, 2003, fifty-two-year old hobby farmer Leonard Richards was checking for storm damage on his property at Tanjil South, 150 km east of Melbourne, when he was hit by a falling tree branch. Richards' pet kangaroo Lulu then began barking frantically until Richards' wife came to investigate. She found her husband lying unconscious under a tree about 200 meters from their home, guarded by the kangaroo. Richards was taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for minor head injuries. If the animal had not signaled for help, Mr. Richards' injuries may have led to a more serious medical condition or even death.

Lulu was reared by Richards, who rescued her from her mother's pouch and fed her on bottled milk after the mother was killed by a car over four years ago.

On May 19, 2004, at an official ceremony, Mr. Richards received the Animal Valor Award from Australia's Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) on Lulu's behalf, in recognition of the kangaroo's heroic deed.

For more details, please visit Lulu's website: www.luluthekangaroo.com.au 


Dante Captures the Hearts of Torontoans - A Friendly Canine Averts Canadian Gun Massacre

(Originally in English)

[Toronto] "On June 23, 2004, a forty-three-year-old unemployed mentally disturbed New Brunswick man carried 6,296 rounds of ammunition, two rifles, a shotgun, a semi-automatic pistol, a revolver and an air rifle in his car, along with a machete, a hunting knife, a throwing knife, a camouflage mask and netting, while planning to carry out a shooting spree to ensure he would be put in jail permanently," Toronto police said.

When the man had set himself up in a park near Victoria Park Avenue and Queen Street, Toronto, and was about to get started on his disturbing task, "A passerby was walking several dogs. One of the dogs came up and started playing with him," explained Detective Nick Ashley. "[The gunman] happened to be a pet lover and decided that if there was such a nice dog in the area, the people were too nice and he wasn't going to carry out his plan. He then proceeded to drive around and search out a uniformed officer to surrender himself."

After sifting through two hundred reports from people who claimed they owned the hero dog, on July 29 the police finally identified the wonder pooch who saved the city as Dante - a husky-Australian shepherd mutt.

"He's extremely empathetic," said Kristina Kyser, the canine's owner. "If one of my children cries he gets upset and so it doesn't surprise me he would sense first of all a dog lover, but a dog lover that's upset."

Michael O'Sullivan, executive director of the Humane Society of Canada said Dante will receive an award in early August.

For more details please visit:






A Clever Cockatiel Who Can Sew

(Originally in English)

[Bristol, England] Cockatiels are usually noted for their singing voices, but a local cockatiel named Baggio, who spent years watching his owner sew in a tailor's shop, can thread a needle and stitch. "There is no competition. Other animals can do tricks, but this bird can sew," the bird's owner Mr. Jack Territo comments.

Mr. Territo, 60, who runs a tailor's shop on Park Street, Bristol, said, "Baggio has a great sewing action. He has become a real hit with our customers."

For further details, please visit:


Nine-year-old Baggio learned the trick of sewing by copying his owner, Jack Territo.
The brainy bird can stitch, pick up a pin and thread it through fabric.


Master’s Wonders

A Blissful Passage through Master's Infinite Light

by a fellow initiate, Shanghai, Mainland China (Originally in Chinese)

Revered Master Ching Hai, I can find no words to express my gratitude to You. Your compassion and love have always been with me. When I was initiated on May 23, 1993, my life began anew and I have since lived each day in the bliss of Your love. The following is an account of the wondrous events that You brought about before and during my husband's passing from the world. All I can do to repay You for Your kindness and grace is to diligently meditate and offer You my wholehearted devotion.

One day in 1994, my husband told me, "You have such a good Master and method of practice that I should have joined your group long ago," and from then on he longed for initiation. Just around that time, a medical check-up he received at his plant diagnosed him with terminal cirrhosis (fibrosis of the liver), and very soon his belly became bloated like a balloon. Strangely, however, he felt no pain and did not appear frightened as a dying man might. His longing for initiation did not diminish either.

One day when I was about to leave for a group meditation session several miles from our home, my husband insisted on giving me a ride there on his bicycle. But I was worried about his condition and declined the offer. "How happy you must feel to be able to attend group meditation! I'm not qualified to participate as I'm not yet initiated," he said. "Let me take you there on my bike so I can have a look at the place. That at least will give me some comfort. Some day I'll also attend group meditation!" He thus persuaded me to let him ride me to the meditation venue despite his swollen belly. When we arrived at our destination, my husband was very happy, saying, "I hope that I'll be able to attend the next group meditation session," and then he joyfully returned home. If it had not been for Master's grace, his condition alone could have cost him his life, not to mention giving me a ride on his bike!

In October 1994, my husband was finally notified of his upcoming initiation. I then prepared some medicine and food for him, and he traveled alone by train to receive the initiation in another city. On his return, he was filled with bliss and said, "Master has been taking care of me. I didn't have to use the medicine at all, nor did I feel hungry. I felt very light and practically flew back as if I had no feet." Not long after, his swollen abdomen diminished in size and he looked just like a healthy person again. It was extremely touching for me to witness my husband's wonderful transformation! He soon quit his job and stayed home to meditate sincerely.

Then one day in 1998 my husband said, "We're so lucky to be practicing the Quan Yin Method; otherwise I really don't see any reason to stay alive in my condition! Our son is still young and his education will cost a fortune. Now the whole family depends on you alone. Instead of giving you any help, I've become a burden. I think I should go to be with Master. You can go on living with our son and Master will look after the two of you." Thus he expressed a forewarning about his imminent departure from the world.

Ten days before my husband's death, his physical condition began to decline, and six days after that the situation became urgent. So I hurriedly invited three fellow-initiate sisters to come and meditate for him for a whole day and night, and at daybreak his health began to improve. Then after some discussion, we called the local hospital to send an ambulance for him, and as soon as we boarded the vehicle, even before it began to leave for the hospital, my husband raised his head and exclaimed, "Look, how bright It is! Why don't you look?"

He repeated these words all the way to the hospital, and after he was placed in a ward for seriously ill patients, an even more surprising wonder occurred. While the people in other parts of the building had to wear thick, warm clothes because of the cold, my husband's ward became like another world where it was very warm and cozy. Then my husband said, "Master's eternal Light is brighter than thousands of suns. Why don't you see It?" At that point, Master's power was manifesting so strongly that everyone's face glowed with Her infinite Light! All the people in the ward said they felt extremely comfortable as many were wearing only T-shirts or other thin clothing, and some men even happily stripped themselves to the waist!

Then, more miraculous events transpired! Through Master's omnipotent blessing, all the seriously ill patients in my husband's ward recovered from their ailments and were soon discharged from the hospital. Everyone was amazed beyond words! Also, in the seventy-two hours before my husband's death, the Sound of beautiful, solemn Buddhist chanting many times more melodious and resonant than a tape recording filled the ward. And incredibly, only the initiated practitioners present could hear it! I was moved to tears by these wonders, which made us all intensely miss Master and long for the Buddha Land.

Then, when my husband asked me to quickly buy some flowers I said, "You're a very thrifty person and never buy flowers. Why do you want me to buy them now? It's the Chinese New Year so they're very expensive!" And he replied, "Master has been emitting Light on me twenty-four hours a day without leaving for a single moment. Please go quickly and buy flowers to offer Her, however expensive they are!"

Next, after a sister bought the flowers for me, I asked my husband if Master's Light transformation body had appeared to him. The image that he saw must have been so real that he said Master's physical body had come and told him, "You thought you had no Light or Sound, but actually you have both!" And he added, "I've been initiated for three years, but only now do I understand that what I've been seeing and hearing in meditation are the Light and Sound. I didn't realize that before!" Then, on the eighth day of the 1998 Lunar New Year holiday, my beloved spouse followed Master's spiritual manifestation form and passed away while gazing at the fresh flowers near his bed with tremendous joy.

Thank You, Master, for Your supreme grace! May all sentient beings soon become enlightened and follow You back Home!


Master Tells Stories

The Princess's Bubble Necklace

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Taoyuan, Formosa, July 13, 1990 (Originally in Chinese)

There once was a princess who lived in a palace and had all kinds of pearls, agates and other gems. Being an only daughter, she was pampered by the king and queen, and was never in need of anything.

One day, as she was watching the rain from her balcony, the raindrops hit the surface of the nearby lake, creating myriads of bubbles that glittered in beautiful colors when illuminated by the sunbeams. Enchanted by this spectacle, the princess said to the king, "I want a necklace made of these bubbles!"

"That cannot be! If you want pearls, I can get you bigger ones. All right?" said the king.

"No! No!" exclaimed the princess.

"If you will settle for diamonds, I can also give you plenty," said the king. But the princess refused to be compromised.

You know there's no way you can coax such spoiled children, and being at a complete loss, the king summoned his officials, but no one could offer a solution. No one knew how to satisfy the princess's adamant demand for the bubbles. She then cried loudly and made a big fuss, refusing to eat or drink. Very soon, she became emaciated and fell ill. Everyone was at their wits' end. Not even the best doctor in the country could cure her. As a last resort, the king issued a public decree, stating, "Whoever can cure the princess will receive half of His Majesty's kingdom."

Then one day, an old man came forward with a solution and the king let him in to see the princess. When the old man told the princess that he could realize her wish by making her a bubble necklace, she jumped up in delight and her illness vanished immediately. Then the old man said, "I am old and my eyes are failing me. I cannot see which bubble is more beautiful. Would Your Highness please go down and bring me the beautiful bubbles so that I can string them into a necklace for you?"

The two of them - the old man and the child thus beguiled - went together to the lakeside. The princess tried in vain to hold the bubbles in her hands, while, afraid to laugh out loud (laughter), the palace maids by their side snickered stealthily. Embarrassed, the princess said to the king, "Father, I don't want these bubbles anymore. I'm content with pearls and diamonds. I cannot hold these bubbles." Looking at his lovely daughter, the king replied, "You're right! They are merely bubbles." They then returned to the palace, with the princess fully cured.

By this same theory, we think that life and death exist only because we don't understand what they are. They're merely illusions, just as a mirage in the desert is an illusion. Sometimes, when you're driving on the highway, there may seem to be a pool of water somewhere in front of you. However, it's not really water, but rather a result of light refraction. Sometimes you may also see many people, horses or palaces in the desert. Or on the ocean, you may hear sounds or see palaces or mermaids. You may think that they're real, but they're actually illusions. People's vision is blurred by the enormous space.

Sometimes, when the sun shines, vapor rises from the roads and appears to be water. I was once deceived by this phenomenon when I was little. I was going to school on foot, and thought I saw water on the road ahead. I ran forward quickly, but there was no water when I reached that spot. When I looked ahead, again I saw water, but again the water disappeared when I ran up to that spot. Later I discovered that it was just a mirage.

Similarly, in this world, we transmigrate life after life, trying to seize all kinds of things and clinging to everything because we are not awakened; we don't know that all these things are just illusions. However, one day we'll know. We'll encounter situations that will awaken us. We only need to let our soul become focused and practice, and it will be awakened.


Spirituality and Science

Learning from Anyone's Mistakes Enhances Spiritual Progress

"We are all connected, thus karma is contagious and enlightenment transferable."
                                                                                                 ~ Supreme Master Ching Hai


by the Ohio News Group, U.S.A. (Originally in English)

Recent research on the nature of error processing may shed light on how we learn from our own mistakes and those of others. In a study conducted at the University of Nijmegen in the Netherlands, Professor Hein van Schie and several colleagues asked sixteen volunteers to complete a specific computer task, and also to observe while their fellow volunteers completed the same task.

When the volunteers were told that they had made an error, a measurable signal was noted to arise from a certain area of their brains in response to realizing their mistakes. What was surprising was that this same electrical signal also arose in the brains of volunteers who simply observed as other participants made mistakes.

Thus the researchers concluded, "Similar neural mechanisms are involved in monitoring [both] one's own actions and the actions of others."

How should we interpret these findings? One review stated, "Missing a turnoff when driving is an annoyance, but for some of us, it's just as irritating to be stuck in the passenger seat watching the driver make a mistake." Another posed the question, "Why is it so annoying to watch someone else make a mistake? Maybe because it affects the same areas of the brain as when a person makes his or her own mistake." Thus it seems that humans can be bothered by errors made by anyone in their environment.

However, mistakes may offer us opportunities for learning instead of simply being irritating, but what are the necessary conditions that make errors act as "teachers"? Perhaps a basic requirement is one's conscious intent to learn. In other words, we may need to be open to or even invite the opportunity to gain knowledge from such experiences, and this openness goes hand-in-hand with at least some degree of humility. For if we are too proud, how can we realize that any aspect of ourselves still needs to be improved?

But humility should not be confused with self-criticism or guilt. Being humble creates true opportunities for growth whereas being self-critical can drag us down. Taking Master's words and actions as examples, we can see that She shows great compassion and humility in dealing with our human limitations, but never recommends indulging in self-criticism. For example, Her responses to questioners consistently minimize the negative and highlight the positive in people's behavior. Knowing that we have not yet fully realized our divine Self, She always tries to help us break through our fears and doubts so that we feel more elevated and free.

In this regard, Master has said, "We make ourselves suffer because we identify ourselves with our mistakes, our successes, our failures and the circumstances that affect us," implying that the "I" who made the mistake is not the same as the true Self. So, rather than identifying with the human aspects of our mistakes, we should forgive ourselves, resolve to try harder and keep moving forward.

Perhaps this is where the errors of those around us can be most helpful in enhancing our growth. If we truly wish to better ourselves, learning from others' erroneous actions can be a powerful stimulant to spiritual progress. In fact, Master has provided many commentaries on this topic disguised as entertaining stories. One such case is "The Monkey Monk" from the collection Master Tells Stories. This brief tale involves a monk who criticized another by calling him a monkey. However, since the "monkey monk" had already attained a high level of sainthood, the more ordinary monk had to pay off the karma for his action by being born as a monkey for the next five hundred lifetimes.

Master's talks are full of other such examples of alertness to others' mistakes as well. Moreover, She emphasizes that we can use our own inner wisdom to "make lemonade out of lemons"; that is, we can turn the errors of others into positive learning opportunities for ourselves.

For example, when we encounter unfair treatment in the workplace, we may at first be tempted to feel angry or hurt. But on further examination, we might realize that this negative situation is actually a positive experience: What if the seemingly undue treatment is the result of karma? Perhaps we treated someone similarly in the past. So now we have to undergo retribution to understand how it feels, and thus gain more compassion for others' feelings.

Ultimately, mistakes of any kind provide us with opportunities to learn, break through habitual responses, and thus more quickly realize our true Self. And if, as the above-mentioned study suggests, our own brains produce electrical signals when we realize our own or others' errors, then the key word truly is "realize." Realizing mistakes can help us realize God. Meanwhile, we need not be discouraged by anything "negative" we see either in ourselves or others. For we are never alone: Each of our steps, sincerely taken, will always be met by one hundred of the Master's.

For further information on the research discussed above, please refer to:



While on the Path

On the Way Home Master is Always with Me

Narrated by sister-initiate Mai La, Hawaii, recorded by Vincent Nguyen, Virginia, U.S.A. (Originally in Aulacese)

In 1991 a friend introduced me to Supreme Master Ching Hai and lent me a videotape of one of Her lectures. Right after watching the tape I decided to receive initiation, and in February 1992, my wish was fulfilled when Master attended the Lunar New Year celebration at the New Jersey Center.

After everyone arrived at the Center, all the initiates-to-be gathered in a room to wait for initiation. Then Master made an appearance, talked to us for a while, and told one of Her attendants to put on a video for us to watch since She was going to leave the room briefly. The attendant put on a tape that I had already seen in Hawaii so I thought, "Why are they showing the same old tape? Why don't they put on a new tape?" At that moment, I saw Master walking by and then turn around and look straight at me. I was a bit startled and thought, "Maybe She read my mind." At once, Master instructed the attendant in Chinese, "Put on a new tape for her." Since I understand Chinese, I was even more surprised and said to myself, "She definitely knows what I'm thinking!" Consequently, the attendant put on a new tape for us.

A while later, Master reappeared for the initiation and I looked at Her and thought, "I wonder where Master's wisdom eye is?" That night, Master came to me in a dream and pointed to the middle of Her forehead and said, "Here's my wisdom eye." I saw that Her wisdom eye was shining and transparent, and could see through to the back of Her head. Also, in my inner visions during the first week after initiation, each time I found myself wandering into a meat-and-fish market, I heard Master tell me, "Don't go there. Come back here with me." Accordingly, I turned back to follow Master, visiting many splendid places. On these occasions, when I lingered in indecent areas, I always heard Master calling my name and saying, "Don't go there. Come back here with me."

For twelve years now I have been diligently following Master, and all the while my life has flowed smoothly; whatever I wish comes true. For example, once I wanted to buy a house and the real estate broker showed me many nice homes. However, they did not suit me since they were far from the local meditation center, and I had no car at the time. Then one day I saw a lovely house near the home of an initiate who could give me a ride to group meditation, but the house was not on the market. After my husband saw the place he also liked it so I prayed to the inner Master to help me find a home similar to that one.

A few days later, the broker informed me that that particular house was going to be on the list of homes for sale very soon and if I wanted it, I should act immediately. Finally, my husband and I bought the house and I was able to get a ride to group meditation each weekend with the initiate who lived nearby.

Also, when I was first initiated, my husband was opposed to my spiritual practice, but now he has received the Convenient Method and is almost completely vegetarian except on the occasions when he goes out to dinner with friends. Moreover, whenever we eat out in restaurants, he always reminds me, "Please make sure that the vegetarian food here is pure and uncontaminated." And on some weekends, he asks me, "Why aren't you going to group meditation today?" I am extremely grateful to Master for giving me the wondrous gift of initiation and for changing my mundane life into Heaven on Earth!


Love in Action

Report from Nantou, Formosa

Overcoming Hazards to Render Emergency Typhoon Relief

by the Nantou News Group, Formosa (Originally in Chinese)

On July 2, 2004, Typhoon Mindulle swept across Formosa, followed by strong southwestern air currents that brought heavy rainfall causing severe mudslides in the mountainous Nantou region of central Formosa. Overnight, surging torrents of mud flooded homes, buried roads and destroyed crops ready for harvest in the fertile fields. Thus local residents were taken by surprise and rendered helpless, providing a perfect example of the ephemeral nature of life in the physical world.

In light of this disaster, initiates from the Nantou Center of The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association phoned local officials to gather information, and learned that the victims needed relief provisions such as dry food and drinking water. So on July 7, the practitioners delivered the first batch of emergency supplies to the Ren-ai Township Typhoon Midulle Victims' Accommodation Center at Ren-ai Primary School. Then, at the urgent request of Ms. Hong Feng-jiao, head of the Social Welfare Section of the Ren-ai Township Office, the initiates purchased and delivered a hundred tents to the Ren-ai Relief Operations Center within twenty-four hours. Ms. Hong was amazed by the positive attitude and high efficiency of the Nantou initiates, who before leaving the area left her an emergency contact telephone number.

Then on the night of July 8, a heavy two-hour rainfall cut off communications among five indigenous mountain settlements. The following day, Ms. Hong asked the Nantou initiates for further material support as the Township Office was preparing to set up emergency rescue centers at areas where roads had been cut off. On the morning of July 10, the brothers and sisters delivered a second batch of relief provisions including infant milk powder, diapers, rice and seasonings to the local Victims' Accommodation Center. Military personnel helped unload the supplies and the mission was soon accomplished. Hopefully, these materials were rapidly delivered into the victims' hands.

At about 8:00 AM on July 8, The Supreme Master Ching Hai Relief Society, run by members of The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association, also received a request for emergency supplies from the Council of Indigenous Peoples, which had previously contacted the Nantou County Aboriginal Administration about transportation assistance. In the empathetic spirit of the motto "others' mishaps are our own," Society members launched a relief operation in Ren-ai.

The initiates learned that numerous landslides had occurred in the area, making the roads rough and treacherous so they quickly decided to send six jeeps on the mission. On the first day, the Society members brought two tons of materials to Cin-ai Village in Ren-ai, and the following day delivered another two and a half tons of materials to Jingying Village.

The rough journey to Ren-ai Township did not intimidate the initiates, who had prepared for their work with rigorous training. And through Master's grace, all the relief supplies were safely and efficiently delivered to the disaster-stricken regions.


Expenditures for Charitable Activities in Formosa from May to June 2004

Total amount in Tables 1 and 2 is NT$175,884 (approx. US$5,234.64)

Table 1: Details of expenditures for charitable activities in Formosa from May to June 2004

Location Date Activity Amount (in NT$) Appendix
Kinmen 2004.05.08 Charity sale at the Long-term Care Expo held by the Kinmen County Public Health Bureau (Proceeds of $7,100 from sales of vegetarian food donated to the Kinmen’s Mental Rehabilitation Association) 3,124 A
Tainan 2004.05.15 Cleaning beaches along Tainan’s Golden Coast in support of environmental protection work conducted by the Tainan City Environmental Protection Bureau 2,000 B
Pingtung 2004.05.16 Providing spiritual food to Pingtung County residents through a series of activities at the Chaojhou Township Activity Center for the Elderly, including a presentation of Master’s lecture videos, an art exhibition, free Chinese and Western medical consultations, a vegetarian food tasting, a soul-elevating seminar and teaching of the Convenient Method 25,960 C
Keelung 2004.05.22 Cleaning beaches at the Aodi fishing port in Waimushan in coordination with environmental protection work conducted by the Keelung City Environmental Protection Bureau 11,800 D
Tainan 2004.05.27 Soul-elevating seminar and Convenient Method instruction session for Tainan Prison inmates (voluntary support by fellow initiates) 0  
Changhua 2004.06.19 Visit to the Changhua County Christian Happy Children’s Home and distribution of gifts to residents in celebration of the Dragon Boat Festival 3,000 E
Tainan 2004.06.23 Soul-elevating seminar for Tainan Mingte Labor Prison inmates (voluntary support by fellow initiates) 0  
Tainan 2004.06.24 Soul-elevating seminar and Convenient Method instruction session for Tainan Prison inmates (voluntary support by fellow initiates) 0  
Total: NT$45,884  


Table 2:Relief Funds Provided to Needy Households in Formosa from May to June 2004 (in NT$)

  May 2004 June 2004
Location No. of
Amount No. of 
Amount Appendix
Keelung 1 2,000 1 2,000 1
Taipei 4 10,000 4 10,000 2
Hsinchu 1 3,000 1 3,000 3
Taichung 1 3,000 1 3,000 4
Nantou 7 26,000 7 26,000 5
Kaohsiung 1 4,000 1 4,000 6
Pingtung 2 6,000 2 6,000 7
Taitung 2 8,000 2 8,000 8
Penghu 1 3,000 1 3,000 9
Total: 20 65,000 20 65,000  


Just Do Things Naturally and Intelligently

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Florida, U.S.A., June 6, 2001 (Originally in English) Videotape # 714

Just do things naturally, with no expectations, nothing! Not just by doing them but by acting intelligently and unconditionally, casually and naturally.


Elevation of the Soul

Supreme Master Ching Hai's New Book Release

God Takes Care of Everything - An Illustrated Book of Wisdom <In Korean>

The volume God Takes Care of Everything is a heartfelt gift for both children and adults from Supreme Master Ching Hai. Having just come from Heaven, young children may absorb the essence of this lovely comic book even before they can read. A condensation of Master's love, the text makes good spiritual reading for people of all ages.


Supreme Master Ching Hai's Latest CDs

CD-E730 <Spoken in English>

To Communicate through Love

Group meditation at the Florida Center, U.S.A.,

December 25~26, 2001

Summary: Master and disciples engage in an enlightening dialogue on the experience of communicating with animals, plants and even extraterrestrials, as well as the best way to communicate with these beings, and address the following questions. Why might gluttonous people evoke complaints even from plants? What state of mind and attitude should we assume while eating food? Master also offers a detailed discussion on the influence of diet on spiritual cultivation, and discourages attachment to Her physical form in hopes that people will remember that the Master Power can arise in any place and at any time without being subject to the rules of the earthly game. The brilliant contents of this CD are not to be missed.



CD-EC751 <Spoken in Chinese and English>

Non-Regressing Bodhisattvas

Master in a videoconference with resident disciples in Hsihu, Formosa

February 23, 2003

Summary: In this discourse, Master repeatedly emphasizes the importance of humility, which helps us in many situations and is for spiritual practitioners a ticket to the higher dimensions. She also discusses the level practitioners must reach before they are truly safe and will not regress in terms of spiritual attainment. In addition, Master addresses the fact that a tidy environment can affect spiritual progress and reminds disciples that immediately after their demise, they will fully experience various situations according to their level of spiritual evolution. So She urges us to make good use of our time to practice diligently. Finally, through this CD you will witness the impressive spiritual harvest achieved by Quan Yin practitioners, as Master "proclaims the saints" at this extraordinary congregation, and anticipates the touching emotions and joyful bliss that the Golden Age will bring to the world.


Supreme Master Ching Hai's Latest DVDs

691 <Spoken in English, with subtitles in twenty-six languages>

Illusion is a Reflection of Reality

Lecture in Manila, the Philippines, 

May 3, 2000

Summary: Master treats the following questions in this talk. Why are all sentient beings equal before God? Why is it improper for us to randomly judge and criticize people? What is the meaning of the statement "I die every day" in the Bible? What is the sole purpose of coming to this world? What is the meaning of the existence of the physical world, in contrast to the Truth, goodness and beauty of Heaven? What are true freedom and liberation while living in the body? Master's explicit and incisive explanations help us to more clearly realize the subtle relationship between the illusory world and the real world.


Supreme Art

They Light Up my Heart - the Enchanting Beauty of Master's Longevity Lamps

by sister-initiate Glitter, Taipei, Formosa (Originally in Chinese)

Each time I light my Longevity Lamp, heartwarming beams of radiance illuminate the surroundings, pervade the universe, dissolve everything in their midst and permeate my heart. The instant its power is turned on, all impure, chaotic thoughts vanish from my mind without a trace, having been cleansed by the Lamp's pure, soft, dulcet light.

Our almighty Master's unique lamp designs thus reflect the infinite love of the Supreme Mother, deeply touching people's hearts! Even when one is alone in the company of a Longevity Lamp, its incomparable energy adds a warm ambiance to the environment. The Longevity Lamps - designed to express the refined beauty of classical and imperial art work - boast a unique style that defies description. Take the wooden table lamp Moon Light for example. In this work, Master simply rests the moon on a cloud so that it keeps us constant company, and its light gently caresses us at any time we wish. Likewise, with The Mountain and River - grand and solemn in conception - one can feel the pulsating life of the wilderness in daylight under a few clouds. Further awesome experiences can be had by appreciating the lamp from different angles. By contrast, the radiating stars in Enlightenment are an intuitive design taking the viewer to the nighttime sky. Endearing, natural and rich in innocent fun, its galaxy-like form evokes boundless imagery.

Akin to the table lamps described above, Master's floor lamps are highly varied, clearly showing that Her insightful imagination is more lively and refreshing than those of ordinary designers. For example, in the Nectar Grail, She uses inverted lampshades that generously hold the light from below, giving the impression of a cup filled to the brim with luminous milk. Likewise Heavenly Lotus features soft, beautiful curves, yet is a picture of vitality. Ripples of light flowing from the center of the lamp through undulating petals fill a room with divine light to create an enchanting fairyland.

A new addition to Master's bamboo lamp collection is God's Hand, featuring five fingers emanating light toward the sky - a reminder of how Shakyamuni Buddha pointed to the moon in the Buddhist sutras. This work also serves as Master's reminder to follow the direction of the finger (the guidance of the Quan Yin Method) so that we will remember our God Nature and inner radiance, which are as pristine as the moonlight, and thus follow our Master to return Home to eternal bliss in Heaven.

An Exhibition of Supreme Master Ching Hai's Longevity Lamps



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